Andrew Stones  Midnight at Wildbrow Hall (Red Room)  2007/2013


Installations with projected digital photographs and audio, to dimensions of site.


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The aim of this work is to call up different perspectives on "nature", and have them interfere with each other. In particular: nature taken as primal, mythic, pre-industrial or pre-colonial; nature aestheticised, sentimentalised and imitated; and nature scientised. A second theme is stillness: the stillness of the human realm in abeyance; of the animal held as object or specimen; and the paradoxical stillness of the photograph (especially one which is obviously part of a series).

Audio is based on various machine voices (helicopter, telescope servo motor) and field recordings. These, like the photographs, are the result of a continuous practice of collection and processing.

    Andrew Stones - 'Midnight at Wildbrow Hall' - Installation with projected photographs and audio, Peri Gallery, Turku 2007.